The song of Sangne


Welcome to Dawninghem, the royal capital of the Akerran Empire in the plane of Air.  These streets aren’t old or cultured.  In fact they were only built a few years ago.  It’s hard to believe it was all built in a few short years by group of refugee mercenaries escaping from another plane of existence.  Those mercenaries colonized this untraveled continent in the clouds leaving their mark on history.  All but one of them refuses to say what their group’s name was but that was all in the past.  Now they are known as the Akerran council.

They each have their own jobs in this continent.  They each manage different towns and cities in the country as well as the different branches of the government.  Though it’s a bit of a dictatorial  way of governing they don’t abuse they’re power.  They’ve spent fortunes of their own money to progress the growth of this country, and have accepted any refugees escaping from the conflict in material plane.

The member of the council who is seen by the public most is probably the Royal Enforcer Nesathion Sangne.  Nesathion is a mysterious half-elf sorcerer that seems to migrate around the continent faster and even more random than the wind.  He is never seen traveling, and he is always alone.  His cloaked figure walks up and down the streets watching with his slit pupils.  Once his watch is over he disappears.

Nesathion is pretty satisfied with his life: he is an elite in an empire he helped create, as well as being a war hero.  He has come a long way from being a poor freak from the many orphanages he was kicked out of.  But now someone has his eye on him.  Nesathion is normally completely indifferent to others, but he has gotten soft in this time of peace.  The sleeping dragon is about to have a wake up call.



Side Stories

Recruitment Day (Part 1)

Recruitment Day (Part 2)







At the moment I’m finishing details on the main character, how this world is going to work, and the major plot devices. Without the plot devices it would basically end up with just the main character kicking the crap out of criminals, and being really scary. (That’s kind of his job)