The Ashes of Corevale



This is the story of Randir Raloqen, an elf boy searching for his revenge.  The object of his hatred is an unknown mercenary group that mercilessly razed his home town leaving nothing but bones and ghosts.


PROLOGUE: The Spark that Starts an Inferno

CHAPTER 1: Sifting through the Ashes

CHAPTER 2: The Outcast

CHAPTER 3: Refuge

CHAPTER 4: Lay of the Land

CHAPTER 5: Tools of the Trade

CHAPTER 6: Death March

CHAPTER 7: Jawix

CHAPTER 8: Lake Wodd



Nhizerious (Continent)

Map of Nhizerius

Main Characters

Randir Raloqen

Rui Lang

Stenmar Vormund

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