Recruitment Day (Part 2)


The blackness faded as if someone slowly pulled away a curtain of darkness revealing a forest.  We are lying face up in a clearing with a metal table in the center, and a path leading out of the clearing.  “Ugh.”

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I’m Still Alive and Writing


I figured that I should write this update due to my annoying lack of writing progress.  I’ve spent way too long procrastinating which was only enforced by all the crazy IRL stuff that keeps popping up whenever I decide to sit down and write.  (Example:  Ok I’ve had my lazy day so I’ll write the next post in the morning.  *Sudden last minute family dinner!* -_- *pulls out duster*)  Now the obligatory excuses are over! I have the next post about 50% done and can possibly finish it tomorrow.  (Please let this not jinx it.)  I haven’t posted for over a month now, and feel like I’ve let myself down.  I hope I don’t make this a habit and can push past this dry spell.  As always, I hope you guys are doing well.