Side Stories


Hello Readers.  Even if there is almost zero readers right now I still want to keep in touch with you guys.  I’ve been on a road trip visiting family for the past couple days and it will continue for about a week.  This will give me very little opportunities to write anything but I’m still working on content.  In fact I just started a new post that will hopefully be done in a few days.

Right now Randir’s story requires a lot of forethought so I’ll need to plan ahead before I lay down anything major.  So in the mean time I’ll write up some simple side stories to help give a little background for the world around the main plot.

The first side story I’ll be posting is from The Song of Sangne.  Although I haven’t managed to post anything for the main story line I hope that this side story will help the reader understand the world better for when I finally start that series rolling.

Thank you for your time, and attention.  I hope you enjoy my future projects.


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