Lake Wodd

(AN:  I’m very sorry about the long hiatus.  My life just went to hell for a while, and then it finally quieted down.  Though it was quiet for a while I wasn’t quite ready to get back to writing.  I recently started working, and had very little spare time.  I’m just getting into a stable schedule, and decided I needed to write something.  Thank you to those still here, and welcome to those who come in the future.)

After successfully escaping the docks I hoped that we would be cut some slack.  I was wrong; barely a minute after we cleared the labyrinthine docks a group of three privateer ships began following in our wake.  “Rui!”

“I see them.  Keep rowing.  Hopefully we can outrun them.”

“That’s a doubtful hope, and you know it Rui.”

“Psari can you please stop arguing with me about everything!”

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“Welcome to Jawix.  It’s a rather small city but it has its own charms.”

“Like the random barrels of fish?”

“Exactly like the random barrels of fish.”

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Death March


(Rui’s POV)

Six years since the boy was orphaned and taken away from home.  Six years and yet he kept going without reason or hope.  I’ve never once heard him cry or laugh.  Not a single smile.  The only hint of him having a persona was occasional sarcasm, or statements of opinion. Continue reading

I’m Still Alive and Writing


I figured that I should write this update due to my annoying lack of writing progress.  I’ve spent way too long procrastinating which was only enforced by all the crazy IRL stuff that keeps popping up whenever I decide to sit down and write.  (Example:  Ok I’ve had my lazy day so I’ll write the next post in the morning.  *Sudden last minute family dinner!* -_- *pulls out duster*)  Now the obligatory excuses are over! I have the next post about 50% done and can possibly finish it tomorrow.  (Please let this not jinx it.)  I haven’t posted for over a month now, and feel like I’ve let myself down.  I hope I don’t make this a habit and can push past this dry spell.  As always, I hope you guys are doing well.

Recruitment Day (Part 1)


(AN:  I’m still working on figuring out the main story so this is just a taste of what this world is like.)

“I am a monster?  Who knows?  I’ve been called many things: hero, sociopath, psychopath, protector, and son.  You choose which to call me, for I am in no position to name myself.  The only name I know that is truly mine is Nesathion.”

~Nesathion Sangne

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Side Stories


Hello Readers.  Even if there is almost zero readers right now I still want to keep in touch with you guys.  I’ve been on a road trip visiting family for the past couple days and it will continue for about a week.  This will give me very little opportunities to write anything but I’m still working on content.  In fact I just started a new post that will hopefully be done in a few days.

Right now Randir’s story requires a lot of forethought so I’ll need to plan ahead before I lay down anything major.  So in the mean time I’ll write up some simple side stories to help give a little background for the world around the main plot.

The first side story I’ll be posting is from The Song of Sangne.  Although I haven’t managed to post anything for the main story line I hope that this side story will help the reader understand the world better for when I finally start that series rolling.

Thank you for your time, and attention.  I hope you enjoy my future projects.